Nuts and Bolts Organizer, Parts Bin Organizer

Storage Bin Set
Item No. FZ00048
Product Specification
  3 Outer Bucket
  2 Large Bin
  1 Medium Bin w/Half Slot
  1 Medium Bin w/Cross Slot
  1 Medium Bin
  4 Small Bin
  6 Stopper Of Outer Bucket
  6-Plug Of Outer Bucket
Box + Shrink
Product Feature

Storage Bin Set

Help you to easily sort out your little parts such as screws, nails. Storage Bin has many different kind of size and design to fulfill any kind of needs.

  • The Storage Bin can be combined freely for different needs.
  • The Inner Bin can be interchanged for different use.


  • The Storage Bin can also be installed horizontally and vertically with Toolboard.