Small Pegboard

Small Pegboard
Item No. FZ00040
Product Specification
Dimension: 280 x 71 x 12 mm / pc
Weight: 90g / pc
Color: Black
Product Feature
With FREEZONE series, now all your tools can find their own position in your workshop!
Small FREEZONE pegboard is the ideal solution to be the socket holder, socket rail.

Combining with the FREEZONE accessories--- 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4" socket knot, you can build your own socket holders without any limit. Set up different sizes socket and tools on a pegboard for your specific job.

Expandability---You can also add the bit or socket you need for any specific job.

Customization---To arrange the tools, bits and sockets the way you like to fit for your working style.

There is also the magnetic foot you can mount them on the pegboard which allows it easily to be used on the steel surface.

There are 5 colors available for users to classify different tools and purposes.